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Please call 786-245-4623 for wholesale inquiries. 


Q: How SATURN boats are different from other brands? 
A: Saturn Inflatable boats are made of same quality materials as famous Zodiac inflatable boats. It is exactly same or even better quality then overpriced brand names that you can buy at most retail marine stores as Zodiac, Mercury, Avon, West Marine, Achilles, etc. SATURN boats are made by major manufacturer of inflatable boats in Korea. Quality of seams and fabric are same as world famous Zodiac or Mercury boats. The only difference is that SATURN boats are not so heavily marketed as better-known brand name boats. And therefore cost of marketing has not been passed to our customers. That is one of the reasons why SATURN boats cost much less then other brands.

Q: Which models or sizes are best selling?
A: Best selling models are 11' SD330, 12' SD365 and 14' SD430. SD330 model is all time bestseller. 

Q: What is the minimum quantity dealer has to buy to qualify for wholesale prices.
A: Minimum wholesale order quantity is 10 boats of any model, size or color. Or 15 kayaks and paddle boards.

Q. How can I obtain a sample Saturn inflatable boat for review and evaluation?
A. First of all, let us state that no business profit is possible without some degree of risk or reasonable expense. While risks dealing with Saturn boats are virtually non-existent, some minimal expenses are involved depending on the status of your company and the size/model of the ordered sample.

If you are representing a well-known and established outdoor/marine retailer, we will send an SD260 model for quality review free of charge, and will arrange for pickup and return after inspection is complete.

For small to medium companies, we are offering a 7-day money back guarantee after inspection is complete. This way your minimal investment would only consist of the shipping cost of the sample.

You will need to buy a sample model at full retail price including shipping. If you decide to keep the sample and place a wholesale order later, we will refund difference between sample price and wholesale prices once wholesale order is placed

If you order an SD260 model for quality inspection, we will pay for shipping back to us if you decide to return the boa. You will have 7 days to inspect the boat and either keep for yourself, or contact us for a return.

If you choose to return the sample, we will arrange for FedEx to pickup from your location, and will issue a full refund less shipping charges as soon as sample is returned in good condition. If it is absolutely necessary to test a boat or raft in water, you can do so, but a $25 to $100 cleaning charge will apply at point of return depending on extent of boat use.

Please understand that we have many requests from potential dealers, and cannot ship free boat or raft samples to everybody. If you are serious about doing business with our company, then some minimal commitment is required at least in a form of paying for sample shipping.

Q. Can I order less then 10 boats?
A. You can order less then 10 boats at Drop Shipment prices based on boats availability. To quality for wholesale prices, you have to buy Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). MOQ for first time buyers only 10 boats or rafts any size.

Q. Can I get a discount if I will place large wholesale order?
A. To qualify for some kind of discount wholesale order has to be at 100 boats minimum.

Q. How many boats may fit into 20 container?
A. On average, around 80 boats may fit inside 20 container (FCL Full Load Container). Shipping boats by containers is cheaper and faster then by LCL (Less Then Container).

Q. Can I order custom colors for my boats?
A. Yes, you may order boats or rafts in Yellow, Red, Black, Blue and 3 shades of Gray colors. You may also mix colors for each boat. For example: gray boat tubes and blue cones or red boat and black front bow, etc. However boats has to be ordered in batch of 5 boats per color. For example, 5 of RED or 5 of BLUE.

Q. Can I have my own logo printed on boats?
A. Yes, you may order your custom logo to be printed, if you will decide to offer custom brand name or private label. 

Q. If I will order Saturn boats wholesale, who will cover warranty repairs and services?
A. Saturn Inflatables, Inc will cover all warranty services and repairs for Saturn boats sold by our distributors. You customers will send us a Warranty Registration card to validate Warranty Service. 

Q. Will you provide dealer with all necessary paperwork for customers to register boats?
A. Yes, we will provide customized Manufacturer Statement of Origin and Bill Of Sale. 

Q. Will you assist with marketing and advertisement?
A. We will provide printed Color Catalogs or any other additional type of promotional materials per availability. However you will be responsible for local advertisement and your own marketing.

Q. What is the delivery time after I paid for wholesale order?
A. Depending from date of order, it may take 2-6 weeks for manufacturing and 3-5 weeks for delivery. Spring is very busy time for boats manufacturing, and it is suggested to place order well in advance.

Q. If I will buy 20 boats, where can I sell them? 
A. There is two options to re-sell inflatable boats, via Internet or locally in your area. If you already have commercial web site with a customer base, then inflatable boats will greatly improve your merchandise variety. For example if you sell RVs or sailboats/yachts, or camping equipment, or kayaks/rafting on-line, then your customer most likely would be interested in a boats too. However if you are new to Internet commerce, then it is a long way to go before you will start selling boats on-line. Selling on-line does require a lot of efforts in terms of advertisement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just starting a web site is far from enough to make a real profit.

On another hand, selling in your local marketplace would be the best options. If you live in area close to major water attractions or boating activities, then most likely that your potential customer are all around your area. For example if you live by the large lake with campgrounds, or river with fishing, then inflatable boats would be a hot commodity. If white-water rivers are close to your area, then whitewater rafts are in high demand and Saturn rafts are the best rafts around to generate quick profit. If you already have a retail store that offer any equipment related to outdoor activities, as RVs, camping gear, kayaks, rafting, fishing, tackle, etc, then inflatable boats and rafts are sure a great way to generate extra profit with a minimum investments and risks.

Q. Can I re-sell boats on EBay?
A. Saturn Inflatables is active EBay Seller, and due to conflict of interest, we do not recommend re-selling of Saturn boats on EBay. Excessive availability of boats at Ebay auctions will drive prices down. However it is up to you where to sell boats.

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